My name is Rachel.
I met J.K Rowling once.

I like Harry Potter, grapes, feminism, ice hockey and singing songs from Les Miserables.

I also reblog a lot of pictures of chocolate cake.

One day I'll marry Sidney Crosby.

I need to sort out my priorities.


bae I feel u

Does anyone have those days where you want everyone to love you and pay attention to you but at the same time ew gross get away from me, I hate everyone right now. 

I’ve done nothing all day except sit on the computer and try to do work while watching hockey and Netflix. The only human interaction I’ve had was with the pizza guy. 

11/4/13: Brandon Saad at the White House (X)

I’ve been left on my own for the weekend. 

TJ Oshie Postgame 3.27.14 


-Russell Crowe


game summary 


Nathan Mackinnon’s first playoff goal!

Mount Rainier National Park, Kevin Russ